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These psychological approaches offer valuable tools to address certain aspects of our lives -- including emotions, history, and relationship issues -- in ways that yoga practice may not be able to reach. Finally, on the other end of the spectrum, psychology and its development -- now just over years old -- will certainly benefit and further develop from the insights of yoga, as well as those of meditation, neuroscience, and the new somatic approaches.

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Therapy that involves talking alone does not always produce change, and many new studies are revealing that bringing the body into the therapeutic process leads to quicker and more effective transformation. My own experience matches this, having practiced psychotherapy without knowledge of yoga and somatic psychology for 10 years, and then experiencing the significant leap in my clients' process in the past nine years since understanding and learning to use the benefits of yoga and somatic approaches in therapy.

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These are just the initial insights of our inquiry. The great question about the intersection of psychology and yoga has just begun, but I believe that the great questions of life are meant to take a lifetime to unfold, and even to move beyond the scope of our lives.

Bodily Practice in Transcultural Perspective

It is often said that Buddhism, or any new tradition, takes at least years to translate into a new culture. Gnostic intermediaries, a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung, refers to those people who help to translate the essence of spiritual traditions from one culture to another, in the language of the new culture but without sacrificing the fundamental nature of its original source.

As we move toward developing this understanding, I have a vision of fewer spiritual scandals, deeply knowledgeable and educated yoga teachers who can treat the whole person in their classes, psychologists, psychotherapists who appreciate the importance of including the body in therapy and can integrate the insights and practices of yoga into therapy, and highly informed and prepared consumers of spiritual and psychological traditions, who can wisely choose their teachers and sources of support so that they end up nourished and happy.

For more by Mariana Caplan, Ph. For more on spiritual development, click here.

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Bodily Practice in Transcultural Perspective

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