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Please mail info AT citykingz. Meeting point here at the CC Staf Versluys, situated in the middle of 2 tunnels approx.

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Here you can register, get spray, chill, drink Massive composition of Graffiti and Streetart in Hamburg, Munich and Barcelona between and Soundtrack by Frank Zappa and Herbie Hancock. Almost 49 minutes! Super nice stop-motion movie with interview from remed Labels: Graffiti , Video.

We stumbled upon this movie from our Graff Jam on Youtube.. Once again, Sozyone Million Gonzalez is inspired by the romantic imagery of the gentleman thief. Every piece of work evokes the blazon of some mysterious brotherhood. A universe filled with anti-heroes, individualists and amateurs of niceties, an opportunity for the artist to explore our souls and darkest fantasies with style. BUE Ghent customised this model for Opel.

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The car went a solid euro on Ebay. Above and below: the artist at work. Special thanks to all writers who were there, and to Lydia for the video! More pictures here! Citykingz would like to invite you to our major Graffiti Meeting on Saturday the 30th of June at the 'Oude Vismijn', a historical building in the centre of Gent. Some of Belgium's finest writers will spray their fine arts between 11am and 8pm. During the 'Gentse Feesten', this location will be a huge restaurant and dancing area.

Mail us now if you want to participate. Please add some pictures from your work. By car, take the E40 or E17 to Gent, exit 'Gent centrum'. If you don't know Gent very well it's best to follow the P-route Parking route directions to find a parking in the city centre. Reload has some pictures of the ' An aerosol odyssey' Exposition in Amsterdam. And so does ABC on flickr. Labels: Expositions , Graffiti. More info on the MOS site. If you plan to go South this summer, this is a good moment to plan your route: Father and son Willem of the Speerstra Gallery have been collecting graffiti art since the 80ies and have gathered one of the finest collections of american oldschool with works by legends like Blade, Blast, Henry Chalfant, Crash, Daze, Dondi, Futura, Keith Haring, Jonone, Noc, Quik, Rammellzee, Seen, Sharp, Zephyr.

All info: 1. Vernissage on the 29 of June, expo from June 30th till September 19th Vernissage on the 29th of June , expo from June 30th untill January 13th June 30 till September 30 , Vernissage June 30th.


Graffiti stories flyer - Speerstra Gallery website. Tx to Willem for the tip Labels: Expositions , Graffiti. Timelapse footage to the completion of the graffiti project on kelburn castle. Labels: Graffiti , Illustration. Graffiti Jam by Graffiti Jeugddienst , sponsored by Montana. See you there. The artwork at the bottom is by Klone Yourself! More of his work: Klone Yourself! Labels: Events , Graffiti. Graffiti in Barcelona by Montana Colors. Well done Kapi! Too bad for who missed it!

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We'll try to recover it somehow.. The first one being the famous Werregaren off course, check Ghentizm. More pictures on Graffiti Jeugddienst. This documentary attempts to show that not all graffiti and street art should be deemed negative or a criminal act but shows and promotes the legal avenues graffiti and street artists can take to get their work up. It was shot in Sydney, Australia. Next sunday May 27 , Polemo organises a cross-discipline hiphopbattle: They have competitions for MC's, beatboxers, breakers and Graffers. You can still apply: submit the subscription form on the Polemo website.

Black ink is his specialty, whether it is drawn on a wall, onto paper, or skin. Found the site from 'the bridge guy'! A very small image for a huge piece that covers an entire bridge! Labels: Graffiti. More pics on the Graffiti Jeugddienst website. An exhibition about contemporary art on the streets. In this month the Treehouse gallery will not only show the works of these artists but they will also reflect on the lifestyle of the artists and their subculture.

This exhibition will show how the artists get inspired by everything that happens around them; music, fashion, politics, the streets, Amsterdam and the world.. At the moment graffiti and street art are also living their hype. But how did it come to this? What made it become a hype?

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How did it use to be? What is going on right now at this moment? Where will it all end?.. The exhibition is being curated by: Laser 3. These bricks will be turned into canvas next Saturday May 12, during the Graff Jam organised by Graffiti Jeugddienst Dutch language. Go and see 25 of the hottest belgian graffiti artists live in action: a. Glorieux Oostakker 'open doors', Sat May 12 , h. Pictures will be online here later. Link galore: some good sites here! Diversed as we are, our creations are distinctively us and definitely geeky kinky! The journey continues throughout Europe in a hunt for the soul of the city and the art.

For the first time, the artists are presented as a part of their environment. The city is their studio.

Writers United: The WUFC Story. A Swedish Graffiti Crew

They live and work in it, use it and protect it every day. Personality and artistic style are a result of their surroundings. It becomes clear how vastly the writers' lifestyles and driving forces differ. And despite the standardisation of European cities, there are also great differences.

Overground 3 is about the last free artistic expression of our time. Graffiti is the world's largest artistic movement, and it inspires fashion, music, art and design. Overground 3 is also the story about a Europe in which privatisation, surveillance and intolerance are on the increase.

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  4. These changes limit opportunities for graffiti writers, but also increase their need to create and be seen. Overground 3 asks questions on whom the city belongs to and who it is for. On the right to public space and the importance of graffiti in Europe's increasingly commercialised cities. The result is a personal depiction of the city, focussing on art and lifestyle with reports from Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Liage, London, Milano - Bologna, Paris, Prag and Stockholm.

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