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The Daylight Marriage

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The daylight marriage: a novel

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The Daylight Marriage Free Audiobooks But over the years, Lovell and Hannah's conversations have become charged with resentments and unspoken desires. She's become withdrawn and directionless.

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His work affords him a convenient distraction. The children can sense the tension, which they've learned to mostly ignore. Until, after one explosive argument, Hannah vanishes. And Lovell, for the first time, is forced to examine the trajectory of his marriage through the lens of memory-and the eyes of his children. As he tries to piece together what happened to his wife-and to their lives together-readers follow Hannah through that single day when the smallest of decisions takes her to places she never intended to go.

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With the intensity of The Lovely Bones, the balance of wit and heartbreak of The Descendants, and the emotional acuity of Anne Tyler, The Daylight Marriage is at its heart a novel about what happens when our intuitions override our logic and with a plot that doesn't reveal its secrets until the very end. You just clipped your first slide!

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  • The Daylight Marriage Free Audiobooks.
  • The Daylight Marriage.
  • ‘The Daylight Marriage’ a suspenseful read!
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Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save. The Daylight Marriage is a novel about a married couple who no longer excite each other and have cocooned themselves into separate worlds.

The husband, Lovell, is an introverted scientist who gets more aroused by the possibility of predicting hurricanes, than interacting with his attractive wife, Hannah. Her interests are their kids and her work.

‘The Daylight Marriage’ a suspenseful read

It seems that after years of marriage, the only thing the couple has in common is their two children, although Lovell mostly ignores them. Hannah and Lovell live an uneventful mundane life. Each become withdrawn and seem to speak to each other only when forced to do so. One day an argument ensues over something inconsequential, and afterward, Hannah turns up missing. At first, Lovell, thinks his wife is simply blowing off steam and staying with a friend or relative; however, as the hours turn into days, he realizes her disappearance may not be as deliberate as he once believed.

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During her absence, Lovell begins an introspection of his life with Hannah and concludes the situation was a disaster waiting to happen. The problem is the story is rather bland. Neither character has any zest—Hannah works in a flower shop and Lovell is a climate scientist—both are about as interesting as a blank chalkboard. Lovell allows her to come and go as she pleases, even though she drops hints that her relationship with the male couple may lead to an undesirable consequence.

It seems the DNA testing to determine an answer drags on forever.

At no time is Lovell considered a suspect, something I think would have made the story more interesting and credible. In most cases where a spouse turns up dead or missing, the husband is always the prime suspect.