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Skills for Graduates with a Master’s in Technical Communication

These experts are usually called " technical communicators ". In the software industry, the designation "technical writer" is widely used.

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The association currently consists of members from ten country organizations, as well as two corporate members. We know the business of technical communication.

Technical Communication

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1. WHAT IS TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION? – Technical Writing Essentials

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Xing. Communication about Products Ever since humans started producing things, they have communicated with each other about the fruit of their work. They talk with each other to share their ideas with others before they create the product, show the finished products to others, explain what their products are good for and how they can be used, warn them about misuse of the product to prevent damage or personal injuries, train others how to use the products in the intended way, or offer their products for sale.

Information Products Whenever such information cannot be delivered in a direct personal conversation, written, visual or other forms of non-personal communication can be substituted.

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Developing Information Products The typical tasks that must be performed to create information products can be visualized in a generic taxonomy. This taxonomy distinguishes among the core process in seven steps, with three to seven sub-steps, several support and parallel processes, and the management process. It can be used as a basis for modeling process descriptions, defining sectoral skill sets and specializations, developing educational, training and certification programs for technical communication, and clustering all kinds of activities related with technical communication.

It is also very likely applicable to many other information or content creation processes. Technical Communicators To run the core, support, parallel and management processes in which information products are created, experts with quite a number of different skills and competencies are needed. Contact info at tekom. Each document should be individually tailored to catch the attention of the employer to which the document s are being submitted. To do this effectively, it helps to research the company and the position. Some different ways that this can be done are:. In addition to looking at the job description and company website, it is helpful to evaluate the type of job that you are applying for.

Depending on your level of experience, it can be beneficial to create a list of skills and job experience in a Word document. As mentioned above, different jobs typically look for a specific set of skills. To make it easier to tailor a business document to a potential employer, it can be easy to have a Word document of skills and job experiences listed. It is important to remember that in employment documents you are selling yourself.

Additionally, make sure it is not cluttered with information that the employer may find unnecessary.

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Search for:. Appreciating Technical Communication Audiences Types of Audiences When preparing documents, it is important to remember potential audiences for your work.

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Intended vs. Unintended Audience Intended audiences are best thought of as the people you are initially writing to.

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Complex Audience Writing for a complex audience is different from academic writing. Some different ways that this can be done are: Looking at the job description — The job description usually gives a set of skills that will be required for the position.