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This is a must-have handbook for the future of the Star Wars glaxy! I can hardly wait! The legacy of obi-wan is something far simpler and relatively. Will Cade fully turn to the dark side? It certainly looks that way…but somehow I suspect that his mama, friends and the Jedi will turn him back from the path of the dark side.

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There was something a bit odd about it though and on a closer examination it become more obvious. The weak link in this issue is the art. It is painfully pathetic at points and very amateurish. The upcoming season premiere looks like it could top them all with a full hour long Star Wars inspired spoof.

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This store — Galaxy Galleri Trend was one of the only things i found.. Basically alot of Power of The Force ships, tonnes of figures — and ridiculously overpriced stuff and very unfriendly staff. Also their collection of Star Wars comics ends around so no Legacy! Holy Jawa do these books come out fast!

Comic Book Issues - Star Wars: Legacy - War # 1-6

As opposed to Sacrifice which we all knew would be the story in which Jacen Solo takes his Sith name — Inferno has no such penultimate highlight…though there is alot of ground to cover and it promises to be a riveting tale spun by Troy Denning. Sure these guys work very full days.. When i was a kid i always wanted the big AT-AT walker. Never did get it..

How bout a rebel blockade runner? Star Wars blockade runner. Issue 9 has a great panel flow that really captures the traditional Star Wars flow of multiple things happening that then come together. This is the third issue in this story w hich left off in issue 8 also awesome. Issue 10 will see all this wrap up. Though there is nothing wrong with reading a series issue by issue the experience of reading a complete story arc in one trade paperback volume is very satisfying.

I missed alot of the Empire series when it was first out — so the trades give me an opportunity to catch up and see what i missed. Empire Volume 1 is a basic conspiracy story pitting Imperial agents against Vader and Palapatine. We all know who will emerge victorious but its still a fun and solid read.

Technorati Tags: star wars , starwars , scifi. Congratulations to those of you who guessed this one correctly. It has been a wonderful discussion with over comments posted. I mean, look at him in pirate times. If you are well versed in our place of business, you know that we deal in comics and games.

You can come to us. We can check our handy list of pre-book dates Pre-book dates are the last day you can pre-order the game before it gets released and get you all set to get your game of choice the day of release. Maybe next day of release.

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You know how the game industry is sometimes with release dates. Our hope is that this helps you check out some cool games and proceed to buy them from us. Without retreading the story, Kratos is still alittle angry and wants revenge on the Gods. And to say this is an epic game is maybe understating it alittle. Hack and slash games may not be up your alley, but with a careful sprinkling of puzzles none too insane this time around and some platforming, GoW3 has something for everyone.

If you are of the right age.

Star Wars: Legacy 0 (Dark Horse Comics)

GoW3 is very, VERY graphically violent at times and also does have frontal nudity, so make sure the kids are in bed or far away from the TV when you play. If you are still not convinced, Check out the first boss battle and see for yourself. Stop in and talk to us about picking up this amazing game. Another Street Fair is in the books. A wet and swamp-humid one, but a great time none the less.

Hopefully you all got a chance to see these guys doing what they do best artistically speaking. His beats bring great justice. Every dollar helps!

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You'll receive our undying gratitude. See the comic being made and the steps in the process - One Physical Poster Print. Any character from any universe choice. Single character, no background - Digital Speed Painting from Ewelina. Single character, limited Background - Cameo in the comic. Rasmus, Kenny, Ewelina and possibly any others - Physical poster collection. Single character, limited Background - Signed copy of the screen play for LoD and a copy of original comic script to issue 1 - Physical poster collection.

Single character, no background - Cameo in the comic. Your name will be on the inside of the cover, posters and other things! Sep 25, - Oct 26, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. A Star Wars fan comic book - That continues the story started in the biggest fan film ever made, "Threads of Destiny.

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Rasmus Tirzitis. Last updated December 27, Share this project. Stockholm, Sweden Comic Books. Issue 1 Cover. Sample page by Ewelina Mroczkowska.


Arianna - by Ewelina Mroczkowska. Lord Siege - by Ewelina Mroczkowska. Raven - by Ewelina Mroczkowska. The Skenvi Empire and the new Republic at war! Arianna and Raven suddenly attacked in the jungle. Assassination attempted during the Skenvi Empire peace ceremony.

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Early storyboards for the opening sequence.