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Including transliterations, translations and commentaries to texts from Deir el-Medina: O. Cairo CG pp. BM pp. Toivari, A Letter of Reproach O. Translation of and commentary on a problematic text concerning laundry services in the village. Toivari, Misuse of a maidservant's services at Deir el-Medina O. A study of the text on the recto of Cairo CG Publication of O.

Heidelberg Inv. The ostracon joins O. DeM 34; full edition of the entire document. Publication of an ostracon in a private collection: the text gives measurements of doors and doorways in the tomn of either Merneptah or Seti II. Hildesheim PM , O. With an excursus pp.

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Translation and discussion of O. Louvre N the scribe Butehamun to his deseased wife Ikhtay. On ostraca from the Valley of Kings most of which recently found and the two scribes called Maaninakhtuf who made them. Synoptic edition with variants on other ostraca; commentary.

Includes the publication of ostraca BTdK Mainly based on the newly found join of O. Cairo CG with O. Publication and discussion of O. BTdK Polis, A Re-Examination of O. Cairo SR Collombert, D. Polis and J. Winand ed. Re-edition and discussion, concluding that the text is connected with the construction of tomb KV 5. III, pl. Publication of miscellaneous ostraca. Florence , , , Erman "ohne Nummer" and , and O.

Edinburgh Hymn to the Chariot. Preussischen Ak. Jahrgang , Phil. BM , P. Berlin , together forming a dossier. Translations with commentary of a number of fragments of literary compositions known only from Deir el-Medina ostraca. Review by J. Quack, Welt des Orients 30 , pp. Concentrating on O. IFAO as a literary reflection on the juridical events recorded in O. BM EA and P. DeM und Ostr. Fischer-Elfert and T. Richter ed. Hawass, P. Hussein ed. Journal 14 , pp. Concerning a "literary" letter of sS-qd mnnA to his son pAy-ir. Louvre Inv. Full discussion of the letter written by the scribe Butehamun to his deceased wife.

Cochrane], in: F. The O. Gardiner unpubl. Facsimile, transcription, commentary. Concerning O. IFAO inv. Backes, M. Publication and discussion of ostraca IFAO inv. OL and , in connection with other sources for Book of the Dead chapter B. Publication of four ostraca in the IFAO: a list of workmen, a grain distribution list, a list of female servants and a name ostracon. DeM , , , , , , and Edition of seventeen hieratic non-litarary ostraca in the IFAO. E , , , , , in: C. Louvre E , in: C. Zivie-Coche and I.

Guermeur ed. Formerly O. Varille [unnumbered]. Re- edition including photos and facsimiles and extensive discussion of the texts on obverse and reverse. The vs. Ramesses II-V. Translation, commentary and interpretation of O. Hildesheim inv. Transcription, translation and discussion of a wisdom text on the basis of O. Turin , and O. UC Ostraca Fitzwilliam Museum E. DeM , an Eighteenth Dynasty text.

Ashmolean Museum Edition and commentary of O. BM EA ; remarks on O. Brunner , P. BM EA recto 2, and P. Edition of ostraca HO. Cairo and Edition of HO. Cairo ; palaeographic discussion of this and of other texts by Amennakht. Brunner no number given from late Nineteenth Dynasty. Commentary on O. Turin and reaction to Allam, in: Bulletin du Centenaire , see above. Publication of an ostracon formerly in the collection of A. Edition and discussion of O. Ashmolean HO , , and Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm Discussion of O. Berlin , in: R. Document concerning workers' absence, bearing information on the accession date of Ramesses III.

Y: Krauss, DE 30 Some evidence for the materials used in the preparation of a royal tomb: O. Turin and O. Petrie Translation and largely lexicographical discussion of ostraca Cairo CG Journal 9 , pp. DeM and O. Czerny, I. Hein, H. Hunger, D. Melman and A. Schwab ed. I, pp. Includes partial translation and discussion of O. Strasbourg H. Schneider and K. Szpakowska ed. A British Egyptological tribute to Alan B. Cairo unnumbered HO 5, 1 , O. Gardiner 45 HO 8, 1 , O. Gardiner 46 HO 8, 2 , O. Leipzig 23 HO 37 , and O. Petrie 39 HO 8, 3. Addition to the author's article in GM 45 , pp.

Discussion mainly based on O. XIX, no. Greig, S. Discussion of this ostracon, dating from the reign of Ramesses IV. Reconsidration of the final sections of the text, based on the relevant ostraca with facsimiles and transcriptions , among which several so far unpublished.

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Publication of an unusual legal text with a dispute about a hut settled by arbitration. Larson ed.

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Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 58 , Chicago , pp. Publication of Royal Ontario Museum Ostracon Discussion based on O. Cairo Carnarvon P , , , , , , The delayed burial of Ramesses V, as recorded in O. Cairo , is discussed in connection with several large scale projects in the Valley of Kings, the Valley of Kings and Western Thebes during the first regnal years of Ramesses VI. Lithic investigation of limestone ostraca at the Louvre, revealing aspects of the production process. Discussing an ostracon [UC ] in the Petrie Museum.

Spiekermann ed. Geburtstag am Photo, transcription and translation of the text, part of the Hymn to the Nile. Assmann, E. Feucht and R. Grieshammer ed. Studien zum Gedenken an Eberhard Otto , Wiesbaden, , pp. About O. Petrie Mus. Provenance probably Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. Publication photograph, transcription of O. Gabolde ed. The author compares the architectural sketch to the plan of the bark shrine at Tod. Scciences historiques et philologiques , Paris, , pp. Literary ostracon acquired by R. Weill in Gurna in ; an admonitions or wisdom text. Chicago , Discussions in Egyptology 1 , pp.

Reaction on Guglielmi, WdO 14 see above. See also S: Janssen, in: Gleanings , , pp. Ostracon from Deir el-Bahri. Callender et al. Republication and discussion. Coulon ed. Includes a section on O. BM EA pp. Chicago Berlin Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 58 , Chicago, , pp. Discussion of the phenomenon of menstrual synchrony. Gardiner One of a Pair of Legal Statements? Discussion and new translation.

Zur Datierung der nicht-literarischen Ostraka, in: C. Eyre ed. IFAO a record of work in a royal tomb. Berlin P , in: A. Additional remarks on several Berlin ostraca. Wien Aeg. R: Janssen, Oriens Antiquus 18 S: Barwik, GM U: Lakomy, Cairo Ostracon J. V: Onderka et al. Japanese; English abstract.

An answer to F: Janssen, GM 10 Museo di Torino 6 , Turin, Transcription and translation of P. Part of the Giornale, proving that Ramses X reigned no longer than some 3 years. Translation and commentary. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Classe di scienzi morali, storiche e filologiche , Roma, Serie 5, Vol. Includes a transcription and discussion of P. For the latter, see also Bacchi, Il rituale di Amenhotpe , Including descriptions of administrative papyri and letters from Deir el-Medina or probably from there: Berlin P.

Mainly on P. Corrections by Y. Reviews with corrections by S. Allam, Bibliotheca Orientalis 46 , 31 and 32; J. Includes plate with partial facsimile of P. On papyri Turin CG , , Publication of P. Milan RAN E 0. Milan RAN 0. Verhoeven ed. The recto is inscribed with texts of the necropolis administration. The recto shows the plan of a tomb for Ramesses IV which, according to the author, has never been constructed. Gardiner 8, now P. Concerning P. Gardiner 4 , a letter from the sS-qd Hr-mnw middle XXth dyn. Deir el-Medineh 27, Stele UC About the conduct of mr.

See also W. Boochs, GM , pp. Publication of some papyrus fragments with journal entries recording absences from work. Chester Beatty. The Chester Beatty Papyri, No. Third Series: Chester Beatty Gift. I: Text and Vol. II: Plates, London, BM reconsidered, Bulletin of the Egyptological Seminar 15 : Translation and discussion of P. DeM 23 and Brief message from the sS-qd xay to the sS-qd pA-ra-m-Hb. Includes remarks on the verso texts p. Translation and short commentary on P. Turin recto. Full commentary with several new readings of the Royal Canon of Turin.

Baines a. Edwards , London, , pp. About P. Turin Discussion on text of vs. Turin vso. Annotated translation and extensive commentary. Suggestion for a lacuna in P. For an answer, see F: Allam, GM 13 Short publ. BM , belonging to the archive of the Late Ramesside Letters.

The Verso of P. BM , Altorientalische Forschungen 19 , pp. Investigating a houselist from the end of the Twentieth Dynasty, with special attention for its organization and its purpose, and for the temple of Medinet Habu as a refuge for the necropolis workmen. N: Strudwick, in Thebanische Beamtennekropolen, Budapest Inv. Publication of a papyrus amulet found in P. Publication and discussion of amuletic papyri DeM 37 and 38 from the Late Period. Magical papyrus fragment, ed. On the magical papyrus fragments P. DeM 41 and P. Discussion on various terms occurring in this small fragment, tentatively identified as a love poem rt.

Publication of a papyrus, a drawing of which was found in the documents of J. Rifaud cf. Called 'P. Rifaud D' pn-tA-Hw. According to the author, the document does not belong to the archive of Naunakhte.

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Publication and discussion of three papyri with magical drawings; P. DeM 45 is from the Ramesside Period, nos. Transcription and partial translation of the lovesongs on P. Turin recto, including new fragments. Asserts that the papyri edited here, together with P. BM EA , P. Book of the Dead, probably of Neferronpet. Remarks on his family. The magical text on the recto compared with P. Anastasi IV 10, Louvre E For photograph and transcription, see A.

Bakir, Eg. Philadelphia , and P. Brussels E , belonging to the chisel-bearer nfr-rnp. Janowski and G. Wilhelm ed. On the contents of this papyrus, escpecially on the term rA-sSw and its significance for the construction of a royal tomb. Cody, A Papyrus Grows in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Thompson and P. Der Manuelian ed. Essays Presented to Leonard H. Reconstruction and stylistic and palaeographical analysis of a Book of the Dead papyrus of Neferrenpet, priest and scribe of Montu at Tod. According to the authors the style of its vignettes links the papyrus to the Deir el-Medina tradition.

Including transliterations, translations and commentaries to texts from Deir el-Medina: P. BM verso II , P. Mayer B pp. Griffith , London, , pp. Also a translation of the Necropolis Diary of Years 7 and 8, fragments and Rossi, Papyrus de Turin. Texte et Planches, Leide, Heerma van Voss et al.

Zandee , Leiden, , pp. Concerning the letter P. DeM 15, compared to O.

Improved readings in a number of passages from religious and magical papyri. Turin CGT , a fragment belonging to P. Il grande papiro magico di Torino e i suoi duplicati Acta Orientalia 56 , Rome, Transcription and translation of the magical papyri Turin CGT , , , , , , , , and , with glossary and hieratic palaeography latter by G. CT, , pp. Turin CGT Turin , R o 2,,4 , in: Ph.

Photographs, transcription, transliteration, translation and commentary. Vercoutter ed. Haikal ed. Discussion of the social and psychological background of three letters, which according to the author have been written by three different scribes palaeographical analysis. Mainly based on the Dream Manual in P.

Chester Beatty III. Turin 'vs. J: Ventura, JEA 73 R: Frandsen, in: Studies Lichtheim , With palaeographic analysis and tables pp. Based on a recently discovered graffito above the entrance of the tomb of Tausert. Short text containing the date of the funeral of Seti II, written on the right above the entrance of the tomb of Twosre, most probably written by Kenherkhepeshef.

On Theban graffiti nos. Also discussing traces of rainfall in the workmen's huts. I, [1]. Desroches-Noblecourt, M. Kurz, avec la collaboration de M. Dewachter et M. Coque, F. Debono, Ch. Kurz, avec la. Kurz et R. Said, avec la collaboration de M. Said, E. Zagloul et M. Said, avec la collaboration de Ch. Leblanc, M. Maher, M. Nelson, M. II, 1. Plans de position, [J. Felix et M. II, 2. Plans de position, [L. Aubriot et M.

II, 3. Plans de position, [M. II, 4. II, 5. II, 6. III, 1. Sadek, avec la collaboration de H. Shimy et M. III, 2. III, 3. III, 4. Sadek, avec la collaboration de A. Shimy et H. III, 5. Sadek et M. III, 6. III, 7. Shimy, avec la collaboration de Pierre du Bourguet].

IV, [1]. Transcriptions et indices, [J. IV, 2. Transciptions et indices, [J. IV, 3. Transcriptions et indices, [A. IV, 4. IV, 5. Study on this date, based on eight graffiti and four ostraca from the Theban necropolis. Chapter VII, pp. Discussion of the authors, geographical distribution and function of Ramesside graffiti in the Theban mountains, with maps and catalogue. Textual Graffiti: Contemporary or not?

Dealing with distribution and positions, mention of rain, and new personal names. Text und Atlas, 2 vols, Heidelberg, Der Grabtempel Amenophis' I. Zu Drah-Abu'l-Negga. The main importance lies in some graffiti unpublished elsewhere. T: Afify, in: Current Research in Egyptology , Oracles Nos.

Suggesting a Deir el-Medina provenance for O. BMFA Veenhof ed. With a catalogue of oracular texts. See also O: Allam, Das Altertum 25 Marchand and P. Leospo, V. Cortese and D. Spagnotto ed. On scholarly texts and objects, some from Deir el-Medina. Publication and discussion of Turin papyri and ostraca literary and educative , most of them from Deir el-Medina.

Documents de Fouilles , Cairo, ; fasc. Documents de Fouilles , Cairo, Edition of hieratic documents in the Kunsthistorisches Museum , Vienna ; including papyri Vienna inv. On Tk as a word for a cutting instrument of metal. On the expression for "Cursing a tomb", in P. Salt and the Turin Strike Papyrus. Seine Funktion und die Frage seiner Lokalisierung, in: A. Knuf, C. Leitz and D. Discussion concentrates on 4.

Versuch einer Entwirrung, in: M. Geburtstag Tuna el-Gebel 4 , Vaterstetten, , pp. Spellings from various ostraca and weights. The expression ir m ntw. Many references to ostraca. Comments on three words in O. Warmenbol and V. Angenot ed. Discussion mainly based on Tomb Robberies papyri. Lexicographical study of references to a. Public Space and Social Access, in: D. Reacts on Ventura, Living in a City of the Dead , conc. Note on a word in the Turin Strike Papyrus.

For a reaction, see below: Janssen, JEA 50 Abbott recto II and the words oAi , mD. Ruffle a. Glimpses of Ancient Egypt. Studies in Honour of H. Fairman , Warminster, , pp. Janssen, The Egyptian Laundry, Wepwawet 1 , p. Short note on the laundry occurring frequently in laundrymen's lists. A reaction to above: Goedicke, JEA 49 Criticism of W. Duquesne ed.

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Egyptological Studies for B. Discusses the expression fAi mhd occurring in some ostraca and papyri. Egyptian words for types of loaves and cakes, mainly from Deir el-Medina documents. Varille 19 Part III. Translation partly based on documents from Deir el-Medina. II, Cairo, , pp. DeM et O. Petrie 36 , in: R. Ein Terminus der Sargherstellung, in: M. On the word mSd as used for some work on coffins in tomb scenes and in documentary texts. Dynastie aus Deir el-Bahri und den Asasif, in: B. Includes edition facsimile, transcription of O.

CC 29 from Deir el-Bahri. Cairo is not in Egyptian, but in early North-West Semitic. About the expression xt sAw. Israelit-Groll ed. A number of paragraphs dealing with various terms from P. Amiens, P. Turin and P. Annex zum Problem pAbbott rt. Extensive discussion on the following terms: pA xr, s.

Review: C. Proof from P. Transliteration and translation of O. Leonard jr. Williams ed. General discussion and lists of foreign names and words of a Semitic or Hurrian origin. O: Sturtewagen, DE 1 W: Toye, JEA 95 References to various ostraca. Polotsky , Jerusalem, , pp.

Many ostraca are referred to. The Bible and Christianity , Jerusalem, , pp. Israelit-, iw. Essays C. Israelit-, A Literary Late Egyptian stp. Englund and P. Frandsen ed. Chaos or the Beginning of a new Paradigm. Turin , v o 2, Une relecture de la construction iw bn sDm. Bryan and D. Lorton ed. Includes some notes on P.

Gardiner 4, P. Rollin, and P. On the grammar and style of letters. On style and grammar in women's letters, including Late Ramesside Letters and Deir el-Medina ostraca. Elements of historical grammar applied to O. Bankes 1, O. Prague Edition of 11 papyri from the former Bankes collection presently in the British Museum and numbered P.

Edition and discussion of P. Berlin P Photographs of almost all Late Ramesside Letters. Concerning the handwritings of individual scribes in the Late Ramesside Letters , on the basis of the form of pA. Corrections by H. Spousal dynamics in the Late Ramesside Letters, in: M. Horn, J. Kramer, D. Soliman, N. Staring and L. Weiss ed. This study investigates how questions, requests, information and complaints are expressed in letters from the Late Ramesside Period.

Shirun-Grumach ed. Dealing i. II, Le Caire, [], pp. K: Sweeney, in: Seventh International Congress , Reaction to several recent articles by Thijs, see Y. Gardiner and B. Transcription, translation and discussion of this passage, now including new fragments, and its implications for the history of the late Twentieth Dynasty and the wHm-ms. IX and X. Publication photographs, transcription, translation, commentary of a report on thefts from the Karnak temple, featuring the chief doorkeeper Djehutihotep, who is also known from a number of Tomb-robberies papyri.

See also J. Quack, SAK 28 below, and H. Studies in Honour of Anthony J. Spalinger on the Occasion of his 70 th Feast of Thoth , Prague, , pp. Text and II. Plates, 2 vols, Oxford, M and M. Revision of transcription by Goelet, JEA 82 see above with commentary. Creasman ed. Papers Presented in Honor of Richard H. Dealing with i.

On phraseology used in the Tomb Robbery Papyri.

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Y: Barwik, Twilight of Ramesside Egypt , Y: Collier et al. Menu ed. Deals with various aspects of the transport and the distribution of water in the community of workmen; based on textual and archaeological data. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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