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Membrane Technology : in the Chemical Industry. Developed from a useful laboratory technique to a commercial separation technology, today it has widespread and rapidly expanding use in the chemical industry. It has established applications in areas such as hydrogen separation and recovery of organic vapors from process gas streams, and selective transport of organic solvents, and it is opening new perspectives for catalytic conversion in membrane reactors.

Membrane technology provides a unique solution for industrial waste treatment and for controlled production of valuable chemicals. This book outlines several established applications of membranes in the chemical industry, reviews the available membranes and membrane processes for the field, and discusses the huge potential of this technology in chemical processes. Current Application and Perspectives. Nunes shown in Fig solubility solution solvent stream structure sulfonated temperature tion toluene transport typically ultrafiltration zeolite.

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She has been working on the development of polymeric materials and membranes for different applications for over 20 years, with over 65 papers in international journals and contributions to congresses. In the last four years she has dedicated her time to the membrane development for fuel cells, coordinating German and European projects in the field.

He has organized numerous international workshops on membrane formation and has been lecturing since at the University of Hanover. He has published some 80 papers in international journals and holds 15 membrane-related patents.

Membranes for Fuel Cells.