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The piece was later published as the fifth story in Clarke's collection Tales from the White Hart Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Retrieved 11 December Clarke, Arthur C. Tales from the White Hart. London: Ballantine Books. Clarke first published in The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers who intercept the ship in an attempt to unlock its mysteries. The novel won both the Hugo[4] and Nebula[5] awards upon its release, and is regarded as one of the cornerstones in Clarke's bibliography.

The concept was later extended with several sequels. Plot After an asteroid falls in Northeast Italy in , creating a major disaster, the government of Earth sets up the Spaceguard system as an early warning of arrivals from deep space. It is detected by astronomers in the year while it is still outside the orbit of Jupiter. The writings of C. Oxford history of English literature; Clark lectures.

Oxford University Press. Clarke, which was first published in in New Worlds, no. It is a science-fiction story about two spaceship accidents involving a test pilot. The story contains elements which might be construed as supernatural. The title refers to a son who takes up his father's profession. An interesting coincidence about this story from the s is that the main payload rocket involved in the first accident is described in ways very similar to modern-day space shuttles.

References "Arthur C.

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Retrieved The Collected Stories. Clarke, Arthur February Astounding Science Fiction. British edition. VI 8 : 55— External links. The pieces include Clarke's experiences with diving, Sri Lanka, his relationships with other science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov, and other personal memoirs. There are also reproductions of past lectures, as well as speculations about things of scientific interest.

It predicted the end of menial labor mental as well as manual , due to automation and bio-engineered apes. Retrieved 23 July Kirkus Reviews. Here's how to fight back Michael Belfiore Opinion". The Guardian.

1st eds, signed by 3, Arthur C Clarke's Venus Prime Books 1-6 by Paul Preuss

External links The View from Serendip tit. Sir Arthur Clarke Awards The Sir Arthur Clarke Award is a British award given annually since in recognition of notable contributions to space exploration, particularly British achievements. Nominations for the awards are made by members of the public, with shortlists drawn up by a panel of judges, who also choose the winner. Sir Arthur Clarke chose a special award independently of the public nominations, prior to his death on 18 March Once permission was granted, Jerry Stone decided what the awards should look like, what categories should be included, and how they should be nominated and judged.

The awards are separate from those given by the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, with the exception of the International award, whose recipient is voted on by the Foundation.

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Having obtained Sir Arthur's permission for the awards to bear his name, Jerry. Clarke, first published in the magazine New Worlds, in August Plot summary The Solar System has dived into a belt of cosmic dust;[3] Britain's climate has changed from temperate to arctic. Professor Millward has stayed with his books, when the country was abandoned more than twenty years ago,[4] and lost track of the others' attempts to colonize the rapidly transforming jungles and deserts of the south, also via the radio, some years later.

Over months, he is haunted by a mysterious sound from the north, which he attributes to "mountains on the march",[6] in his dreams. Roaming about the snow-bound familiar roads and hous. Clarke, first published in ,[1] and later anthologized in Tales from the White Hart. Like the rest of the collection, it is a frame story set in the pub "White Hart", where the fictional Harry Purvis narrates the secondary tale. According to the American orchid biologist, Joseph Arditti, Clarke told him that the story was inspired by the H.

Wells story "The Flowering of the Strange Orchid" , Pall Mall Budget , which is mentioned in Clarke's story, about a carnivorous orchid that almost kills the man who buys it at auction. Hercules is an orchid fancier, and cultivates obscure varieties of these. On one particular occasion, he comes across a carnivorous orchid, and is nearly killed by it. This inspires him to use it to murder his aunt, whom he hat. Clarke, first published in [1] in a Scottish Sunday newspaper. It was subsequently published in Playboy magazine, and was collected in Tales of Ten Worlds.

It takes place in the same fictional setting as the stories in the collection Tales from the White Hart. Plot The tale is told through a narrator that Clarke often uses, Harry Purvis, one of the regulars at the White Hart pub. He intervenes in a discussion of the depiction of "death rays" in pulp science fiction. Most science fiction pictures show a visible beam but visible light is harmless. However, Harry insists he knows of a death ray that was quite visible.

Harry relates the tale of Edgar Burton, a stockbroker who retires to the Yorkshire moors with his younger wife, who quickly tires of country life.

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Edgar soon realizes that she is having an affair, but he is content to carry on with his hobby of astronomy. However, he eventually feels that he is being made a foo. In addition to the series of stories chronicling the activities of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr John Watson for which he is well-known, Doyle wrote on a wide range of topics, both fictional and non-fictional.

Clarke, originally published in The stories all originally appeared in a number of different publications. Gale wrote that "too many [trick endings] are more than enough", but that there were "several superl. It was developed concurrently with Stanley Kubrick's film version and published after the release of the film. Clarke and Kubrick worked on the book together, but eventually only Clarke ended up as the official author. The story is based in part on various short stories by Clarke, including "The Sentinel" written in for a BBC competition, but first published in under the title "Sentinel of Eternity".

By , the novel had sold three million copies worldwide. The first part of the novel, in which aliens influence the primitive ancestors of humans, is similar to the plot of an earlier Clarke story, "Encounter in the Dawn". Plot summary An ancient and unseen alien race uses a device with the appearance of a large crystalline monolith to investigate worlds across the galaxy and, if possible, to en.

For the Cold War weapons escalation, see Arms race. Clarke, first published in , and later anthologized in Tales from the White Hart. Plot This comic story discusses the career of Hollywood special effects man Solly Blumberg after he is hired to create mock weapons as set pieces for a science-fiction serial featuring "Captain Zoom" and various alien adversaries.

Blumberg becomes involved in what is effectively an arms race as he creates weapons for both the protagonist of the series and his adversaries. The weapons he creates become increasingly elaborate, until he accidentally creates a piece that is functional in the real world and burns down the studio, upon which he is sacked. Publication The piece was later published as the fourth story in Clarke's collection Tales from the W. Contents This collection, originally published in , includes: Introduction by J. The scientist has been brought before the local magistrate's court on charges of illegally distilling liquor.

Purvis manages to get him acquitted, by arguing that he was actually working on a fictional "osmotic bomb".

Unfortunately Purvis accidentally demonstrates this bomb by exploding it in the courtroom, thus conveniently destroying all the evidence. However, the scientist is almost immediately booked for driving under the influence due to the strong smell of alcohol from his wet clothes. The piece is one of two original stories written for Clarke's collection Tales from the White Hart, the other being "The Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch.

Publication: Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime 2

Retrieved 12 December After using his research to develop robotic creatures, he then tries to use electrical stimulation of the brain to control the behavior of animals. The professor's work is discovered by a wildlife photographer, who tries to exploit it to film a giant squid. While their attempt is initially successful, the equipment blows a fuse, and the squid kills both scientist and photographer. The story was also published as "The Reckless Ones".

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The piece was later published as the second story in Clarke's collection Tales from the White Hart. References "Bibliography: Big Game Hunt". London: Ballant. He believed that all "hit-tunes" were merely poor reflections of an "ultimate" melody, and he built a machine to search for this tune. By the end of the story, he succeeds, but the influence of the melody is so powerful that he becomes completely catatonic. The piece was later published as the sixth story in Clarke's collection Tales from the White Hart.

Tade Thompson is a British born Yoruba psychiatrist who is best known for his science fiction novels.

Life and career Thompson was born in London to Yoruba parents and grew up in Nigeria. His family left the United Kingdom around He studied medicine and social anthropology. He went on to specialise in psychiatry. He writes novels and short stories which have been critically received. He was a John W. Seller Inventory NEW Ships with Tracking Number!

Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Items related to Maelstrom: Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime. Paul Preuss Maelstrom: Arthur C. Maelstrom: Arthur C. Paul Preuss. Publisher: Avon Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Sparta, a beautiful superhuman being, must rescue a team of scientists trapped in the gaseous inferno of Venus, an act that leads to discovery of life on another planet and perhaps the key to her mysterious identity "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title.

Product Description : Maelstrom Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime, Vol 2 From the Back Cover : the second volume of the spectacular science-fiction thriller evolving from the works of arthur c. Maelstrom is the second in a series of six books each book is an engaging mystery thriller that just happens to be set in a science fiction future. The Venus Prime series focuses on a tough, female detective Ellen Troy who, over the arc of the series is searching for answers to her past What became of her parents How did she acquire the superior biotech skills that have become second nature Why was she locked away in a sanatorium And, who wanted her dead Answers to these questions are rev Maelstrom is the second in a series of six books each book is an engaging mystery thriller that just happens to be set in a science fiction future.

  • Temperature Dependent Thomas-Fermi Theory.
  • 1st eds, signed by 3, Arthur C Clarke's Venus Prime Books by Paul Preuss.
  • Clarke, Arthur C & Preuss, Paul - Venus Prime 2 - Maelstrom;
  • Authors : Preuss, Paul : SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia.
  • Arthur C. Clarke bibliography | Revolvy.

The Venus Prime series focuses on a tough, female detective Ellen Troy who, over the arc of the series is searching for answers to her past What became of her parents How did Creo que este libro se podr a considerar una novela de transici n Aunque tiene un argumento propio, este es muy d bil y se basa sobretodo en los pilares que son el primero y el tercero.

Obtenemos algunos puntos de la historia oculta con los que empezaba el primer libro de la saga, pero en cierta medida es muy poco y, as como va avanzando el libro, vemos que obtendremos mucho m s en el siguiente. El crimen que debe investigar Sparta es m s sencillo de lo que uno pensaba, a diferencia del primero, Creo que este libro se podr a considerar una novela de transici n Aunque tiene un argumento propio, este es muy d bil y se basa sob Fabuloso el segundo libro de la collection Venus Prime En l aparece de nuevo junto a Sparta el personaje de Blake Redfield, aunque en este libro tiene mucho m s protagonismo.

Clarke y Preuss nos proponen sumergirnos en las nubes de Venus y viajar a la Luna para perseguir a los seguidores de l Entertaining sci fi crime novel Elements of the Robert Langdon series secret societies mystical beliefs interacting with hard science science fiction Recommended for anyone that enjoyed the Langdon novels.