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Tolomeo Optimal integrability threshold for Gibbs measures associated with focusing NLS on the torus. Gunaratnam, N.

Tzvetkov, H. Weber Quasi-invariant Gaussian measures for the nonlinear wave equation in three dimensions.

Okamoto, N. Tzvetkov Uniqueness and non-uniqueness of the Gaussian free field evolution under the two-dimensional Wick ordered cubic wave equation. Koch Paracontrolled approach to the three-dimensional stochastic nonlinear wave equation with quadratic nonlinearity.

Nonlinear dispersive equations: local and global analysis | What's new

Wang On global well-posedness of the modified KdV equation in modulation spaces. Forlano, Y. Pocovnicu, Y. Kwon, H. Yoon Normal form approach to unconditional well-posedness of nonlinear dispersive PDEs on the real line , to appear in Ann. Toulouse Math. Tsutsumi, N. Paris , no.

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B 6 , Tzvetkov, Y. Wang Solving the 4NLS with white noise initial data. Okamoto, O. Tzvetkov Quasi-invariant Gaussian measures for the two-dimensional defocusing cubic nonlinear wave equation , to appear in J.


Sigma 6 , e5, 80 pp. Thomann Invariant Gibbs measures for the 2- d defocusing nonlinear wave equations , to appear in Ann. Koch Renormalization of the two-dimensional stochastic nonlinear wave equations , Trans. Sosoe, N. VI, 9 pp. Richards, L.

Nonlinear Dispersive Equations: Local and Global Analysis

Partial Differ. Chung, Z. Guo, S. Theory Related Fields , Pocovnicu A remark on almost sure global well-posedness of the energy-critical defocusing nonlinear wave equations in the periodic setting , Tohoku Math. Pures Appl. B 2 , Pure Appl. Quastel, P. Pocovnicu Wiener randomization on unbounded domains and an application to almost sure well-posedness of NLS , Excursions in harmonic analysis.

Guo, Y.

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Fourier Anal. Quastel On Cameron-Martin theorem and almost sure global existence , Proc.

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Killip, O. Pocovnicu, M. Spaces Appl. Colliander, J. Marzuola, G. Simpson Behavior of a model dynamical system with applications to weak turbulence , Exp. A blowup result for the periodic NLS without gauge invariance , C. Debrecen 83 , no. Quastel On invariant Gibbs measures conditioned on mass and momentum , J.

Japan 65 , no. Colliander, S. Nahmod, L. Rey-Bellet, G. Staffilani Invariant weighted Wiener measures and almost sure global well-posedness for the periodic derivative NLS , J. Other Nonlinear Dispersive Models -- License restrictions may limit access. Each chapter ends with an expert account of recent developments and open problems, as well as exercises.

The second edition of Introduction to Nonlinear Dispersive Equations builds upon the success of the first edition by the addition of updated material on the main topics, an expanded bibliography, and new exercises. Assuming only basic knowledge of complex analysis and integration theory, this book will enable graduate students and researchers to enter this actively developing field.

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Non linear dispersive equations - 43 NLSE Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation

By: Linares, Felipe [author. Contributor s : Ponce, Gustavo [author.