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Consistency: General Considerations 39 3.


Consistency of Extremum Estimators 44 3. Asymptotic Normality of Extremum Estimators 48 3. Distributions of Specific Estimators 53 3.

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Inference for Sequential Estimators 86 4. Inference with Unequal-Length Samples 88 4. Affine Processes: Overview 5. Continuous-Time Affine Processes 5.

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  6. Discrete-Time Affine Processes 5. Transforms for Affine Processes 5. ML Estimation of Affine Processes 5. Introduction 6. Consistency of the SME 6.

    Asymptotic Normality of the SME 6. Extensions of the SME 6.

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    Moment Selection with SME 6. Preliminary Observations about Shape 7. Discrete-Time Models 7.

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    Estimation of Discrete-Time Models 7. Continuous-Time Models 7. Estimation of Continuous-Time Models 7. Volatility Scaling 7. Pricing Kernels 8. Market Microstructure Effects 9. Tests for Serial Correlation in Returns 9. Evidence on Stock-Return Predictability 9. Assessing Goodness-of-Fit Time-Separable Single-Good Models Models with Durable Goods Habit Formation Inspection copies are only available to verified university faculty. Some restrictions apply. To request an electronic inspection copy for course use consideration, please visit one of the following services to submit your digital examination request online:.

    Home Empirical Dynamic Asset Pricing. Add to Cart. More about this book. Chapter 3 [PDF]. Chapter 1 [PDF]. Ken Singleton gives us the ultimate treatise of empirical asset pricing. The book contains sixteen chapters and really does provide for much more than an overview of those three broad topics mentioned above. Professor Singleton intertwines these two dimensions with remarkable skill to provide a critical review of the field.

    Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory, Third Edition

    The first two chapters provide the most in-depth English-language discussion of the BOJ's operating procedures and policymaker's views about how BOJ actions affect the Japanese business cycle. Chapter three explores the impact of the BOJ's distinctive window guidance policy on corporate investment, while chapter four looks at how monetary policy affects the term structure of interest rates in Japan. The final two chapters examine the overall effect of monetary policy on real aggregate economic activity.

    This volume will prove invaluable not only to economists interested in the technical operating procedures of the BOJ, but also to those interested in the Japanese economy and in the operation and outcome of monetary reform in general. Analysis of Panel Data: Edition 3. Book This book provides a comprehensive, coherent, and intuitive review of panel data methodologies that are useful for empirical analysis. Substantially revised from the second edition, it includes two new chapters on modeling cross-sectionally dependent data and dynamic systems of equations.

    Some of the more complicated concepts have been further streamlined. Other new material includes correlated random coefficient models, pseudo-panels, duration and count data models, quantile analysis, and alternative approaches for controlling the impact of unobserved heterogeneity in nonlinear panel data models.

    Kenneth J. Singleton

    Foundations of Cost Control. Daniel Traster. This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. A Guide to Modern Econometrics: Edition 5. Marno Verbeek. A Guide to Modern Econometrics, Fifth Edition has become established as a highly successful textbook.

    It serves as a guide to alternative techniques in econometrics with an emphasis on intuition and the practical implementation of these approaches. This fifth edition builds upon the success of its predecessors. The text has been carefully checked and updated, taking into account recent developments and insights. It includes new material on causal inference, the use and limitation of p-values, instrumental variables estimation and its implementation, regression discontinuity design, standardized coefficients, and the presentation of estimation results.

    Credit Risk: Pricing, Measurement, and Management.