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Treatment of nickeliferous pyrrhotite.

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Development of nickel smelting at Jinchuan Nickel Smelter, China. Technological and technical problems of copper production from chalcosine concentrates in a flash furnace. Czernecki, S. Sobierajski, Z. Flash technology for converting. Minor-element behaviour in copper-making.

Introduction to Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.

Electrochemical reductive conversion of chalcopyrite with SO 2. Automotive exhaust catalysts: PGM usage and recovery. Recovery of metals from spent catalysts in a DC plasma furnace. Recovery of rare earths from spent FCC catalysts. Vibration technique for recovery of non-ferrous, rare and noble metals from secondary raw materials.

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Car scrap recycling towards The TBRC as a unit with a promising future for secondary copper plants. Lead and copper recycling in the Boliden Kaldo.

Purity and long-term stability of 8-hydroxyquinoline-based metal extractants. Improved technology for In, Ge and Ga recovery in an electrolytic zinc plant. Production of molybdic trioxide by high-temperature oxidation of molybdenite in a cyclone reactor. Trends in the development of processes for recovery of rare metals.

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Titov, I. Poletayev, V. Krokhin, A. Recovery of vanadium from slags by sulphiding. Electrolytic reduction of Eu III in acidic chloride solutions. Best available technology—a viewpoint on the development and application of the concept to the European non-ferrous industry. Environmental legislation and advances in tailings disposal technology in North America and Europe.

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Contaminated soil treatment technologies. This will give the participants a comprehensive overview to the state of the art of the wide range of metallurgy. Skip to content.

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June 23 - June First Name. Last Name. Suitable polar solvents enhance metal separations in liquid-liquid extraction August 30, Is there life beyond cement? Geological exploration and advanced resource characterisation Pyro- and electrometallurgical processes Hydro- and solvometallurgical processes Upcycling processes for primary and secondary resources Sustainability assessment and policy research Process intensification and digitalisation.