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Giovanni [microform] : drama giocoso in due atti. Rappresentata in Teatro di Praga l'anno Burney, Charles, Travel diaries, [circa ]. Duetto 1. Fra gli amplessi in pochi istanti. Per questa bella mano K. Mangus, Tom. Printed Licence sent 11 May for performance at the St. Barrow, Rebecca, Faculty recital [sound recording]. Wilson, Ransom. Ransom Wilson, flute, with Eric Larsen, piano [sound recording]. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, Mack, John John W. John Mack collection on Mozart's Concerto for oboe and orchestra, K. Atto II. Autograph, Fuga [microform].

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Quintetto N. Tuckwell, Barry. Seid uns zum zweiten Mal, no. Zwecker, Yossi. Boccherini, Luigi, Gottfried, Kurt. David Jackson. In te spero, o sposo amato. Romberg, Andreas Jakob, Duetto 1mo. Figaros Hochzeit [microform]. Greer, Amy Petke. Amy Greer, clarinet ; Melissa Smartnick, piano [videorecording] : recital.

Wolfgang Mozart ; ridotta [per] pian-forte. Lipatti, Dinu, Le nozze di Figaro. Atto terzo. Trio pour trombone. Maron, member of said Society. Haydn, Michael, Von Mozart eigen Handschrift.

W.A. Mozart - Le nozze di Figaro - Riccardo Muti - Wien 2001 Complete

Del Sigr: Cavaliere Amadeo Mozart [30 di marzo ]. Baton Rouge Opera. Baton Rouge Opera programs, Epperson, Anne. Mozart birthday concert [sound recording]. Stankov, Angel. Ulrich, E. Eugene Joseph , Cadenza to the first movement, Mozart piano concerto in C major, K. Smith, Denise. Plaisanterie musicale K.

Wolff, Konrad, Cadenza for K. Don Giovanni, K Sinfonia di Wolfgang Mozart. Contemporary copy of a letter signed : Vienna, to an unidentified recipient, Sept. Pierce, Alice. Alice Pierce, soprano ; Nancy Johnston, piano [sound recording]. Koch, Frederick R. Frederick Robinson ,. Music and literary manuscripts in the Frederick R. Koch collection, Williams, John John Prince. Andante grazioso : 1er mouvement. Minuetto : 5 min 35 s. Honea, Sion M.

Sion Milton , Mozart ; bearbeitet von Carl Hirsch. Smith, Joseph, Dagon, Gadi, Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio. Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio [sound recording]. Childers, Libby, Vincent Persichetti collection of noncommercial recordings, Les filles malicieuses [microform]. O Isis und Osiris, no. Little Orchestra Society concert recordings collection [sound recording], Salzedo, Carlos, Salzedo Collection.

The vocal music includes works by R. Stevens, D Gagnon, Allison. Allison Gagnon - Eric Larsen piano duo [sound recording]. Stratford Festival Collection. Martin, Kyle. Kyle Martin, trumpet Turner, Walter James. Mozart, an essay. Introduction by Donald R. Fleming, San Francisco, Heron House, Recitative and aria Rondo : Ombra felice : for alto and orchestra : K.

Mozart, Constanze, Concerto, horn and orchestra, E flat major, K. Hellstern, Mark. Seng, Ivan. Mori, Emile E. Incidental music for Much ado about nothing arranged by Emile E. Mori [manuscript], 19th or 20th century. Adam, Adolphe, Adam ; per. Latrobe, Benjamin Henry, Music book, 18th century. Liepmannssohn, Leo, Damrosch, Walter, March, no. Beethoven, Ludwig van, Mozart ; accomodata del Sig. Horn, trumpet, trombone and timpani parts. Carmel, Dov, Solisti Symphony. Solitsi Symphony [sound recording]. Aria no. Brown, Marylin Ball. Strong, Roger W.

North Carolina School of the Arts. Community Music School. On stage [sound recording]. Instrumental parts to the aria "Exultet orbis" see 32,, f. Mozart's concerto in B, , arranged as a quintet for Concerto no 1 K. Mozart ; arr Tuckwell. Concerto for piano, K. Two manuscript collections with printed title-pages, issued by subscription as publications. Rhodes, Mattie. Student wind recital [sound recording]. Attwood, Thomas, Autograph letter signed, dated : Norwood, to [Edward Holmes? Christie, John, Wolfango Amadeo Mozart.

The New Complete Edition

Mozart ; parole dell' abate Lorenzo Da Ponte. Mozart ; text by Lorenzo da Ponte - violin I score. Hoboken, Anthony van, Typewritten letters signed 6 , dated : Ascona, , to James J. Fuld, Flute part and oboe part, Dal Signore Mozart. Acte 1. Frederick R. Ballantine, Edward, Cadenza for the 1st movement of Mozart's concerto in A, K. Drafts for the sinfonia concertante, K.

Robins, Linda. Guess, Alphie. Le nozze di Figaro Autograph of Wesley. In the list below pieces are Music, viz. Apparently autograph. Dawson, Alice. Allegro assai : 1er mouvement. Allegro : 3e mouvement. Books Ludwig van Beethoven: 'Quartetto', arrangement of Aria from 'Ah p Ave Verum Corpus K. Viola parts, copies 1 and 2. Southern Sweet Gum Co. Pas de six: Variation III. Pas de six: Variation IV. Pas de six: Variation V.

Pas de six: Variation VI. Finale, Swan Lake, op. Scene Moderato , Swan Lake, op. Scene Allegro , Swan Lake, op. Scene Allegro - Allegro giusto , Swan Lake, op. Mazurka, Swan Lake, op.

Scene Allegro agitato - Allegro vivace , Swan Lake, op. Introduction, Swan Lake: Act One. Pas de trois: I. Pas de trois: II. Andante sostenuto, Swan Lake: Act One. Pas de trois: III. Pas de trois: IV. Moderato, Swan Lake: Act One. Pas de trois: V. Allegro, Swan Lake: Act One. Pas de trois: VI. Pas de deux: I. Tempo di valse, Swan Lake: Act One. Pas de deux: II. Pas de deux: III. Pas de deux: IV.

Subject, Swan Lake: Act One. Dances of the Swans: I. Tempo di valse, Swan Lake: Act Two. Dances of the Swans: II. Dances of the Swans: III. Dances of the Swans: IV. Dances of the Swans: V. Dances of the Swans: VI. Dances of the Swans: VII. Coda Allegro vivace , Symphonic Dances, op. Non allegro, Symphonic Dances, op. Andante con moto Tempo di Valse , Symphonic Dances, op.

Lento assai - Allegro vivace, Symphony No. Scherzo: The Waves, Symphony No. The Explorers, Symphony No. Allegro con brio, Symphony No. Andante con moto, Symphony No. Allegro, Symphony No. Preludio, Symphony No. Scherzo, Symphony No. Romanza, Symphony No. Passacaglia, Symphony No. Moderato, Symphony No. Epilogue, Symphony No.

Moderato maestoso, Symphony No. Andante sostenuto, Symphony No. Scherzo Allegro pesante , Symphony No. Finale Andante tranquillo , Symphony no. Gavotte Non troppo allegro , Symphony no. Finale Molto vivace , Symphony no. Allegro orgoglioso, Symphony no. Andante, Symphony no. Allegro comodo, Symphony no. Finale: Allegro con fuoco, Symphony no. Lento - Allegro risoluto, Symphony no.

Lento, Symphony no. Scherzo Nocturne , Symphony no. Largo — Allegro moderato, Symphony no. Allegro molto, Symphony no. Adagio, Symphony no. Allegro vivace, Symphony no. Largo, Symphony no. Molto moderato, Symphony no. Lento moderato, Symphony no. Moderato pesante, Symphony no. Andante moderato, Symphony no.

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Scherzo allegro molto , Symphony no. Finale con epilogo fugata allegro molto , Symphony no. Moderato, Symphony no. Allegretto, Symphony no. Allegro non troppo, Symphony no. Presto, Symphony no. Andante expressivo, Symphony no. Vivace, Symphony no. Adagio - Allegro - Adagio, Symphony no. Allegretto - Allegro - Adagio - Allegretto, Symphony no. Adagio - Allegro non troppo, Symphony no. Arrival of Dosselmeyer, The Nutcracker, op. Clara and the Nutcracker, The Nutcracker, op. Grandfather Dance, The Nutcracker, op. Battle, The Nutcracker, op.

In the Pine Forest, The Nutcracker, op. Waltz of the Snowflakes, The Nutcracker, op. Divertissement: Dance of the reed pipes, The Nutcracker, op. Uranus, the Magician, The Planets, Op. Neptune, the Mystic, The Planets, op. Mars, the Bringer of War, The Planets, op. Venus, the Bringer of Peace, The Planets, op. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, The Planets, op.

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, The Planets, op. Valse, The Sleeping Beauty, op. Pas d'action: a. Introduction, The Sleeping Beauty, op. Queen, Tsar Saltan, Op. Andante, "Enigma" Variations, op. L'istesso tempo, "Enigma" Variations, op. Allegro di molto, "Enigma" Variations, op. Allegro, "Enigma" Variations, op. Allegretto, "Enigma" Variations, op. Moderato, "Enigma" Variations, op. Allegro - Presto, "Enigma" Variations, op. Why so? Allegro molto - Sub. Terzett Mit Chor: "O! Diese Sonne! Scene, Walzer Und Arie: "Nein! Arie: "Schweig'! Duett: "Schelm!

Halt Fest! Terzett: "Wie? Entre-Acte, Der Freischutz: Act 3. Das Ungewitter naht! Singt dem Herrn alle Stimmen chorus, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone , En Saga, op. Intermezzo, Karelia Suite, op. Ballade, Karelia Suite, op. Alla marcia, Kullervo, op. Allegro moderato, Kullervo, op. Kullervo's Youth: Grave, Kullervo, op. Introduction: Allegro moderato, Kullervo: II. Danse de la terre, Le Sacre du printemps: Seconde partie. Le Sacrifice: IX. Introduction, Le Sacre du printemps: Seconde partie. Le Sacrifice: X. Le Sacrifice: XI. Le Sacrifice: XII.

Le Sacrifice: XIV. Danse sacrale. Introduction, Les Troyens, H. The Lover, Rakastava, op. The Path of His Beloved, Rakastava, op. Good Evening - Farewell! Introduction, Romeo et Juliette, op. Grande fete chez les Capulets, Romeo et Juliette, op. Allegro non troppo, Symphonie fantastique, Op. Un bal Valse: Allegro non troppo , Symphonie fantastique, Op. Marche au supplice Allegretto non troppo , Symphonie fantastique, Op. Un bal, Symphonie fantastique, op. Marche au supplice, Symphonie fantastique, op.

Finale: Vivace, Symphony no. Nobilmente e semplice - Allegro, Symphony no. Lento - Allegro, Symphony no. Andante, ma non troppo, Symphony no. Andante ma non troppo lento, Symphony no. Andante, ma non troppo lento, Symphony no. Scherzo, allegro, Symphony no. Scherzo: Allegro - Lento, Symphony no. Finale, quasi una fantasia, andante, Symphony no. Finale: Quasi una fantasia, Symphony no. Allegro con fuoco, Symphony no.

Allegro assai, Symphony no. Scherzo - Presto, con malizia, Symphony no. Scherzo: Presto, con malizia, Symphony no. Andante con malincolia, Symphony no. Maestoso - Brio ed ardentemente vivacissimo maestoso, Symphony no. Maestoso - Brioso ed ardentemente - Vivacissimo - Maestoso, Symphony no. Allegro sanguineo - Marziale Sanguine , Symphony no. Tempo andante, Symphony no. Tempo andante, ma rubato, Symphony no. Vivacissimo, Symphony no. Allegro moderato, Symphony no. Finale: Allegro moderato, Symphony no. Allegro vivace e nobilimente, Symphony no. Rondo: Presto, Symphony no.

Moderato e maestoso, Symphony no. Allegro con brio, Symphony no. Minuetto, Symphony no. Allegro collerico, Symphony no. Allegro comodo e flemmatico, Symphony no. Andante malincolico, Symphony no. Andantino con moto, quasi allegretto, Symphony no. Moderato allegro, ma non tanto, Symphony no. Allegro molto maestoso, Symphony no. Scherzo: Allegretto, Symphony no. Adagio solenne, Symphony no. Allegro espansivo, Symphony no. Andante pastorale, Symphony no. Allegretto un poco, Symphony no. Finale: Allegro, Symphony no.

Slow blues, Symphony no. Fast blues, Symphony no. Scena, Symphony no. Tempo molto moderato, quasi adagio, Symphony no. Allegro molto vivace, Symphony no. Allegro molto vivace tranquillo, Symphony no. Il tempo largo, Symphony no. Tempo largo, Symphony no. Poco allegretto, Symphony no.

Poco adagio quasi andante, Symphony no. Molto allegro, Symphony no. Menuetto: Allegretto, Symphony no. Scherzo - Allegro molto, Symphony no. Finale con epilogo fugato - Allegro molto, Symphony no. Tempo molto moderato - Allegro moderato, Symphony no. Andante mosso, quasi allegretto, Symphony no. Adagio non troppo, Symphony no. Tempo giusto -, Symphony no. Majestoso, Symphony no. Adagio: Sehr feierlich, Symphony no. Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell, Symphony no. Allegro non tanto, Symphony no. Scherzo Furiant , Symphony no.

Allegro con spirito, Symphony no. Allegro molto moderato, Symphony no. Allegretto moderato, Symphony no. Poco vivace, Symphony no. Tempo giusto, Symphony no. Humoreske: Allegretto, Symphony no. Proposta seria: Adagio, Symphony no. Tema con variazioni, Symphony no. Allegro maestoso, Symphony no. Poco adagio, Symphony no.

Scherzo - Vivace - Poco meno mosso, Symphony no. Allegretto grazioso - Molto vivace, Symphony no. Allegro ma non troppo, Symphony no. Feierlich, Misterioso, Symphony no. Bewegt, lebhaft - Trio. Schnell - Scherzo, Symphony no. Langsam, feierlich, Symphony no. Adagio - Allegro molto, Symphony no. Scherzo: Molto vivace, Symphony no. Adagio Allegro spiritoso, Symphony no. Adagio cantabile, Symphony no.

Adagio Allegro assai, Symphony no. Largo cantabile, Symphony no. Menuetto: Allegro, Symphony no. Finale: Presto ma non troppo, Symphony no. Adagio ma non troppo, Symphony no. Menuetto e trio: Allegretto, Symphony no. Finale: Presto assai, Symphony no. Adagio Allegro, Symphony no. Menuetto: Presto, Symphony no. Finale: Presto, Tapiola, op. Prelude, The Dream of Gerontius : Part 1, Kyrie eleison Be merciful, be gracious chorus , The Dream of Gerontius : Part 1, Go, in the name of angels and archangels chorus, priest, semi-chorus , The Oceanides, op.

Andante con moto, Symphony no. Double fugue Moderato maestoso, allegro vivo , Symphony no. Burn Down Their Houses! Primo vere: Ecce gratum, Carmina Burana: I. Primo vere: Omnia sol temperat, Carmina Burana: I. Chorus and Recitative, Elijah, op. Recitative Elijah and Chorus, Elijah, op. Chorus, Elijah, op. Air Elijah , Elijah, op. Chorale Angels , Elijah, op.

Arioso Contralto , Elijah, op. Recitative Obadiah and Chorus, Elijah, op. Duet and Chorus, Elijah, op. Recitative Obadiah , Elijah, op. Air Obadiah , Elijah, op. Recitative An Angel Contralto , Elijah, op. Semi-Chorus Angels , Elijah, op. Air The Widow Soprano , Elijah, op. Introduction, Elijah, op. Overture, Elijah, op. Air Soprano , Elijah, op. Recitative Obadiah and Elijah , Elijah, op. Recitative Tenor , Elijah, op. Trio The Angels , Elijah, op. Chorus Angels , Elijah, op. Air The Angel Contralto , Elijah, op.

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Recitative Elijah , Elijah, op. Recitative Contralto - Semi-chorus and Chorus, Elijah, op. Chorus and Recitative Elijah , Elijah, op. Arioso Elijah , Elijah, op. Air Tenor , Elizabethan Dances: I. Moderato e ritmico, Elizabethan Dances: II. Allegro scherzando ma non troppo allegro , Elizabethan Dances: IV. Moderato, Elizabethan Dances: V. Poco allegretto e semplice, Elizabethan Dances: VI.

Requiem, Messa da Requiem: II. Offertorio, Messa da Requiem: IV. Sanctus, Messa da Requiem: V. Libera me, Norfolk Rhapsody no. Lacrymosa, Sinfonia da Requiem, op. Dies irae, Sinfonia da Requiem, op. Requiem aeternam, Sinfonietta for Strings: I. Moderato molto ritmico, Sinfonietta for Strings: II. The Waves, Symphony No. The Explorers, Symphony no. Andantino, Symphony no. Vivace con fuoco - Alla marcia - Maestoso, Symphony no. Allegro leggiero, Symphony no. Adagio ma con moto, Symphony no. Allegro jubilante, Symphony no. Scherzo Nocturne : Allegro vivace - Andantino, Symphony no.

Allegro con brio - Lento molto e maestoso, Symphony no. Con moto - Molto moderato - Quasi adagio molto calmato, Symphony no. Allegro molto - Moderato largamente - Molto tranquillo, Symphony no. Lento moderato - Poco tranquillo, tempo rubato - Tempo I, Symphony no. Moderato pesante - Poco animato - A tempo - Presto, Symphony no. Allegro - Meno mosso - Largamente - Lento, Symphony no. Andante moderato - Tranquillo, Symphony no. Scherzo: Allegro molto, Symphony no. Maestoso ma con moto - Allegro - A tempo primo, Symphony no.

Molto vivace - Meno mosso, ma con moto - Tempo primo, Symphony no. Adagio e molto calmato - Allegro - Tempo primo - Maestoso, Symphony no. Preludio - Moderato, Symphony no. Scherzo - Presto misterioso, Symphony no. Romanza - Lento, Symphony no. Passacaglia - Moderato, Symphony no.

Allegro - Poco animato - Tranquillo, Symphony no. Scherzo Allegro vivace , Symphony no. Epilogue Moderato , Symphony no. Fantasia Variazioni senza tema , Symphony no. Scherzo alla marcia, Per glo stromenti a vento, Symphony no. Cavatina, Per gli stromenti a corde, Symphony no. Tropical Night, Brazillian Impressions: 2.

Butantan, Brazillian Impressions: 3. Song and Dance, Concertino for Piano and Orchestra: 1. Presto leggiero, Concertino for Piano and Orchestra: 2. Lent, Concertino for Piano and Orchestra: 3. Rondeau, Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. Giuoco delle coppie Allegretto scherzando , Concerto for Orchestra, Sz.

Elegia Andante non troppo , Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. Intermezzo interrotto Allegretto , Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. Finale Presto , Egmont Overture, Op. Peripetie, Five Pieces for Orchestra: V. Allegro molto, Night-ride and Sunrise, op. Invocation to Veles and Ala, Scythian Suite, op. Night, Scythian Suite, op. La fuite, Symphony No. Andante Con Moto, Symphony No. Vivace Non Troppo, Symphony No. Adagio, Symphony No. Allegro Vivacissimo, Symphony No. Andante sostenuto — Moderato con anima, Symphony No.

Norman, Monty James Bond Theme arr. Barry [VSO ]. O'Donnell, Martin et. Suite from "Video Games Live" arr. Ford [ VSO ]. Oesterle, Michael Home []. Binder [FWP ]. Persichetti, Vincent Symphony No. Piazzolla, Astor Balada para un loco tango [Misc. Powell, Rosephanye Who is the Baby? Reed, Alfred Alleluia! Wilberg []. Root, George F. The Vacant Chair arr. Hettinga [UWW ].

Fennell [UWW ]. Bach" pops program [] Thurber's Dogs []. Shostakovich, Dmitri Concerto No. Brubaker [VSO ]. Smith, Michael W. Stevens, John Adagio for Strings [] Jubilare!

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Sullivan, Arthur H. Taneyev, Sergey Symphony No. Blok [VSO ]. Thilde [UWW ]. Ployhar [IFS ]. Torelli, Giuseppe Concerto Grosso, Op. Tormis, Veljo Overture No. Ungar, Jay Ashokan Farewell arr. Vieuxtemps, Henri Concerto No.

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