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Cetacea: Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises

I recommend it unreservedly it to individuals, students, and researchers, as well as libraries. I worship this book!

Biology and Conservation

Its amazing and a must for marine mammal fanatics. Contains all you need to know, is written my many researchers and includes references for further reading. His specialties are behavior and social strategies, especially as related to human disturbance. He has published and co-published about peer review papers, over 50 popular articles, and 7 books. Working in Pakistan and India, he discovered some of the earliest, amphibious, cetaceans and sirenians.

His work with the sense organs of modern whales explores the impact of global change on marine mammal populations.

Biology of Marine Mammals - | Smithsonian Books Store

It is illegal for unauthorized persons to disturb, handle, or feed them. Learn more about Stranding Do's and Don'ts. The Whale Telemetry Group uses satellite-monitored radio tags to determine the distribution and critical habitats of endangered whales. The Cetacean Conservation and Genomics Laboratory explores the genomes of whales and dolphins to understand the past, assess the present, and conserve the future.

Marine Mammals

The Pinniped Ecology Applied Research Laboratory investigates the ecology, behavioral physiology, and conservation biology of pinnipeds. The Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory focuses on the ecology, behavior and conservation of marine megafauna including cetaceans, pinnipeds, seabirds, and sharks.

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The Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network documents occurrences and investigates the causes of marine mammal strandings in Oregon. The Bio-Telemetry and Behavioral Ecology Laboratory is focused on using new biotelemetry technology to understand the underwater behavior and ecology of marine mammals. They implemented a statistical model that predicted where and when blue whales were most likely to be foraging for food.


The new insight gained from the study could aid in the management of the endangered North Pacific blue whale population in light of climate change and whale mortality due to ship strikes. MMI Associate Director Scott Baker is co-author on a study that describes new subspecies of short-finned pilot whale using genomic and mitogenomic data collected from individuals throughout the global range of the species.

Why so few vegetarian marine mammals

The results support the hypothesis that food-poor regions of the central Pacific Ocean have isolated these populations, leading to evolutionary divergence, despite the absence of physical barriers. The proposal to recognize the subspecies is important new information for managers and conservationists. But during the three-year study, 18 of the 33 whales scientists tracked hung out at Point St. George in California, said Barbara Lagerquist, a senior faculty research assistant with the institute.

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